Suggestions and safety advice

You should be aware that the tides are a dynamic, unpredictable system. Because of this, we suggest the following:

  • Always check in advance what time the tide will start to come in (i.e., exactly at low tide) and be mindful of it.
  • It is advisable to start your visit one hour before low tide and head to the right after going down the access stairway (approximately 600 metres). This way, when the tide comes in, you will have already done the most important part of the route.
  • The area that takes the longest to emerge when the tide goes out -and the first one to be submerged when it comes in- is the area with the arches. See beach map.
  • If, at the moment of your visit, the tide is so high that you cannot make it through without getting your feet wet, it is advisable not to take off your shoes and enter the water. This is because:
    • There might be deep ponds or hidden rocks under the water that could cause a loss of footing.
    • A sudden wave could sweep you away. It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear, as well as bringing a jacket to protect you from the sea breeze.
  • If you bring a baby, the use of a stroller is not recommended because of the poor accessibility of some areas.
  • If you decide to walk along the cliff path during high tide, it is strongly advised not to approach the edge of the cliff.
  • Help us keep this natural space clean and sustainable. These are some activities you should refrain from doing for the sake of all visitors: going up the islets, damaging the rock forms, moving stones around, collecting plants, algae or molluscs, bringing animals down to the beach, and littering.
  • In order to make the most of your visit to the beach, we suggest continuing along the stretch of coast between the beach and Ribadeo. There is a wealth of peculiar landscapes, and geological and biological heritage which complement the ones you will find on the Natural Monument Augasantas - As Catedrais beach.
    • On foot following the Route of the Seaside.
    • By car, by bike or on horseback along the local road that runs near the coast.
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