How to arrive

As Catedrais beach belongs to the municipality of Ribadeo, on the northwestern coast of Galicia.

The closest airport is in Asturias, an hour's drive away. Also near are Coruña and Santiago airports, 90 minutes away. 

Since the opening of the Autovía  del Cantábrico (A-8) motorway, reaching As Catedrais beach by car from any point is easier than ever. The road connects Ribadeo to all of northern Spain. The A-6 is connected to it and links Ribadeo to the rest of Galicia. From the A-8 you can take the 516 turnoff to go straight to the beach.

If you are coming from central Spain, in order to reach As Catedrais, it is recommended to take the A-66 towards Oviedo-Avilés and then take the Autovía del Cantábrico.

The N-642 road is the backbone of the A Mariña region. It can take you to the beach from any point in northern Lugo. The stretch between Ribadeo-A Veiga has a connection to the city of Lugo, the N-640.

From Ribadeo

There are many ways to reach As Catedrais beach by car from the centre of Ribadeo. The easiest is to take the A-8, where there is a turnoff (516) that leads to the beach. The fastest way is to take the N-634 (10 minutes), and the most scenic route is a secondary road that runs along the coast of the municipality, where you can also do the Route of the beaches.

Taxis or tourist taxes are an alternative way of visiting the beach from Ribadeo. Just sit back and enjoy the view.

Ribadeo's Taxi Service:
Rinconada San Francisco, s/n - 27700 Ribadeo
Telephone: 982 128 111   

Radio taxis: Telephone: 646 060 505 //

Sustainable transport

Public transport is an easy, affordable, and sustainable way of getting around in Ribadeo and to As Catedrais beach. Our public transport network covers a wide area and provides you with unilimited flexibility.


Ribadeo's bus station, on Avenida Rosalía de Castro, links the town centre with other cities in Galicia and part of Spain. The following companies operate from the station:

  • Arriva which connects Ribadeo with most of Galicia.
  • Alsa which connects Ribadeo with the rest of the country, especially the Cantabric coast and Madrid.
Also, during the summer, visitors can hop on the circular bus at the station. This line does 3 round trips per day connecting the centre of Ribadeo with Playa de As Catedrais.


The Ferrol-Xixón rail line runs along the coast of the municipality, and stops at Os Castros, Rinlo, and Esteiro. The latter is the closest stop to As Catedrais beach (10 minutes on foot).


If you are eco-conscious and like to travel leisurely, with no haste, soaking in the sights; riding a bike to As Catedrais beach might be ideal for you. You can either ride your own bike or rent one at the Tourism office. There are additional signed routes that bypass the main roads.

We are here

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