Visiting the beach

Playa de As Catedrais

If you want to visit this beach and walk on the sand, it is necessary to go during low tide, when the retreating sea gives us a brief opportunity to go down. 

In order to see the most spectacular rock formations, you must walk around 600 metres to the right after going down the access stairway.

You will then enter a magical land filled with large islets, caves, and blowholes, carved into existence by the sea eroding the stone over a long time.

At low tide, children can bathe safely in the small coves, even when the rough sea keeps pounding the the reefs hidden at high tide.

Nevertheless, the beach can be visited at any point during the day. If you go at high tide, you can watch it from the cliffs.

There are signs for the Seaside route all along the cliff, and you can enjoy an equally spectacular, albeit different, view of the beach.


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